Company Profile

Founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbruecken, mineway has specialized on the application of data mining technology and the development of autonomously learning systems. The spectrum of application areas ranges from customized Business Intelligence systems to real-time process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry. Some sample applications include

  • evaluation of customer and transaction data to create profiles of stereotypical buying behavior, identify potential credit default or contract termination;
  • automated valuation of structured objects such as cars, ships, real estate etc.;
  • automatic detection of abnormalities in balance sheets indicating potential fraud;
  • identification of pharmaceutical products (pills, tablets) using NIR technology;
  • generation of models predicting machine failures, thus supporting predictive maintenance;
  • development and maintenance of a large-scale business intelligence system for the organic market in Germany.

A research-intensive SME, mineway is partner in the German Software Cluster, a consortium of notable universities, research centers and companies in South-West Germany. The cluster aims at creating a new paradigm for the software of next-generation digital companies, allowing for unprecedented flexibility and scalability – the so-called emergent software.

Within this context, mineway investigates novel distributed data mining approaches that enable e.g.  the monitoring of complex production facilities while respecting certain compliance rules regarding intellectual property or privacy aspects.

mineway is always open for international cooperation – both at a research or industrial project level.